Chess in 1762
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In 1762, Philidor composed the music for the opera comique Sancho Panca, Gouverneur dans l'Isle de Barataria. It first premiered at the Comedie-Italienne, Hotel de Bourgogne, in Paris, on July 8, 1762.

In 1762, Benjamin Franklin delivered a Regency chess set to John Bartram (1699-177), which Franklin ordered while in London. Bartram is the father of American botany. Franklin and Bartram played chess together. [source: Chess Review, January 1962, p. 18]

On August 10, 1762, Arthur William Devis was born. He was an English painter of history who painted portraits and historical subjects. He painted "Arabs Playing Chess," which was an interior with merchants playing chess in eastern India.

On October 25, 1762, Denis Diderot (1713-1784) wrote a letter to Sophia Volland (1716-1784) describing the rendezvous site of high-class chess players. [source: Vauleon, Reading Jean-Jacques Rousseau Through the Prism of Chess, 2019, p. 14]

On October 29, 1762, Philidor's first son, Andre-Joseph-Helene Danican Philidor (1762-1845) was born in Paris (Saint-Eustache). He was known as "le beau Philidor." He was employed by the Royal Treasury, appointed councilor of prefecture in Chartres, became mayor of Montlandon, and became director of a spinning factory. He married his niece, Victorine Danican Philidor (1800-1875), daughter of his brother Frederick.

In 1762, Chess Analyzed or Instructions By which a Perfect Knowledge of this Noble Game was published in London.

In 1762, Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826) was introduced to chess by Dr. William Small (1734-1775). Dr. Small was one of Jefferson's teachers at the College of William & Mary.

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