Chess in 1761
by Bill Wall, 2021

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In 1761 Philidor composed the music opera for the opera comique Le marechal ferrant (The Blacksmith). It was first performed by the Opera-Comique at the Theatre de la Foire St Laurent in Paris on August 22, 1761. It was later performed at the Hotel de Bourgogne on February 10, 1762. It was also performed for the royal court at Faintainebleau on November 3, 1762. It became one of Philidor's most popular works. It was the first opera ever to be performed in Russia in 1764.

On May 16, 1761, John Opie (1761-1807) was born. He was a Cornish historical and portrait painter. In the 1790s, he painted "The Game of Chess" featuring two boys playing chess (the board was set up wrong). The painting now hangs in the Walters Art Museum in London.

In 1761, Edmond Hoyle (1672-1769) published his Essay towards making the Game of Chess easy learned in London. It was dedicated to the Earl of Northumberland.

In 1761, Hoyle lectured on chess in London. In 1808, Hoyle's lectures were published as the Game of Chess, including 37 Chess Lectures. [source: Murray, A History of Chess, 1913, p. 850]

In 1761, Philidor composed the music for the two-act opera comique, Le Triomphe-du Temps (The Triumph of Time). It first premiered at Versailles on December 30, 1761.

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