Chess in 1754
by Bill Wall, 2021

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On January 31, 1754, Philidor's Ode to Harmony was performed at the Little Theatre in the Haymarket. Handel was present at the opening performance. [source: The Chess World , 1857, p. 114]

In 1754, a German edition of Philidor's book, L'Analze des Echecs, was published in Strasburg. Its title was
Die Kunst im Schachspiel eitn Meister zu warden.....gewiesen nach den neuesten Mustern des beruhmten und itzelbenden grossen Schachspielmeisters in England, A. D. Philidor (The Art of Becoming a Master in Chess. Based on the Latest Patterns of the Famous and Great Chess Master in England, A. D. Philidor)
It was reprinted in 1764 and 1771.

In 1754, Philidor's L'Analze des Echecs was published in Leipzig.

In November 1754, Philidor, age 28, returned to Paris after being gone for 9 years. He started composing music again, but critics claimed that his music was too Italianate for their tastes. He did not return to England until 1772, 18 years later.

In 1754, he wrote a motet called Lauda Jerusalem.

In 1754, Stefano Battiloro died. He was a strong Piedmontese chess player in Italy. [source: Murray, A History of Chess, 1913, p. 838]

On July 11, 1754, Thomas Bowdler was born in Bath, England. He published works on Shakespeare and his name is linked with the censorship or omission of material deemed inappropriate for children. He was a medical doctor and also a strong chess player.

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