Chess in 1907

By Bill Wall


On February 16, 1907, Chicco Adriano (1907-1990) was born in Geneva, Italy.  He was a lawyer, chess historian and problemist.  In 1967 he was awarded the International Master for Chess Composition.   He composed more than 500 chess problems and won 47 first prizes.


On February 23, 1907, Britain defeated the USA in the 9th cable match, scoring 5.5 to 4.5 (3 wins, 5 draws, and 2 losses)


On April 8, 1907, Emanuel Lasker defeated Frank Marshall 11.5 to 3.5 in 7th world chess championship.


On April 11, 1907, Theodore Alexander Dunst (1907-1985) was born in New York City.  He was a contributing editor to Chess Review and was known for lines in the 1. Nc3 variation.


On April 15, 1907, Gerald Abrahams was born (1907-1980) in Liverpool.  He was an English lawyer (barrister), political theorist, philosopher, and strong amateur chess player.


On April 30, 1907, Ludwig Roedl (1907-1970) was born in Nuremberg, Germany.  In 1931, he tied for 1st with Efim Bogoljubow in the German championship.  He was awarded the IM title in 1953.


On May 11, 1907, George Hatfeild Dingley Gossip (1841-1907) died in Liphook, England at the age of 65.  He was a minor American-English chess master and writer.


On June 18, 1907, Ernö Gereben (né Ernest Gruenfeld) (1907-1988) was born in Sopron, Hungary.  He was a Hungarian-Swiss chess master.  He was awarded the IM title in 1950.


On June 25, 1907, Siegbert Tarrasch won the GM tourney at Ostend, followed by Schlechter, Janowski, Marshall, Burn, and Chigorin.  The Masters’ Tournament was won by Ossip Bernstein and Akiba Rubinstein.  The title, Grandmaster (Großmeister), was introduced at Ostend.  Tarrasch was crowned the “World Champion Tournament Player” by the tournament organizers.


On June 30, 1907, Julius Finn won the NY state championship.  It was played aboard the S.S. Alexandria.


On August 13, 1907, Louis D. Statham (1907-1983) was born in Kenedy, Texas.  He was a wealthy engineer and inventor, sponsored the series of Lone Pine International tournaments from 1971-1981.


On August 26, 1907, Henry Ernest Atkins won the 4th British Chess Federation championship.


On August 27, 1907, Einar Michelson won the 8th Western Chess Association Open (US Open), in Excelsior, Minnesota.


On September 7, 1907,  Akiba Rubinstein won at Carlsbad, followed by Maroczy, Leonhardty, Nimzovich, Schlechter, Vidmar, Duras, and Teichmann.  Rubinstein was playing in the final round at Carlsbad and had a one point lead with one game to go.  He was then playing against Heinrich Wolf (1875-1942).   Rubinstein just needed a draw to win the tournament. After 22 moves into the game, Wolf offered Rubinstein the draw. Rubinstein declined and played on till he had a superior position (he could have forced mate) then offered Wolf a draw on move 31, which Wolf gladly accepted. After the game Rubinstein was asked why he declined Wolf's draw offer and then played on till he was winning then offered a draw to Wolf. Rubinstein replied, “With Wolf I draw when I want to, not when he wants to!”  Sixteen years later, at Carlsbad 1923, Wolf again offered a draw in his game with Rubinstein.  Again, Rubinstein turned down the draw, but this time Rubinstein made a mistake and resigned four moves later after he made a blunder after the draw offer.


On September 23, 1907, Hens Evald Enevoldson-Eising (1907-1980) was born Aalborg, Denmark.  He was Danish champion in 1940 (after a play-off), 1943, 1947 (after a play-off), 1948 and 1960. He was awared the International Master title in 1950.


On September 27, 1907, Vladimir Petrov (Vladimirs Petrovs) (1907-1943) was born in Riga, Latvia.   He was Latvian champion in 1934, 1935, and 1937.  He died of pneumonia en route to the Russian gulag in 1943.


On October 6, 1907, Gregory (Garry) Simon Koshnitsky (1907-1999) was born in Kishinev, Russia.  He was Australian champion in 1932-33 and 1938-39, He was awarded the IM in correspondence title in 1972. In 1934 he set a new Australian record for simultaneous play when he played 143 opponents, winning 104, drawing 33, and losing 6.


On October 16, 1907, Max Harmonist (1864-1907) died in Berlin.  He was a professional ballet dancer. His tournament results were humble with his best result being 4th= with Louis Paulsen at Nuremberg 1888, but he won the brilliancy prize at Frankfurt 1887 for his game with Isidor Gunsberg.


On October 21, 1907, Isaias Pleci (1907-1979) was born in Argentina.  He was Argentine champion in 1929 and 1930.  He was awarded the IM title in 1965.


On November 15, 1907, Israel Albert “Al” Horowitz (1907-1973) was born in Brooklyn.  He was a leading player in the US during the 1930's and was US Open Champion in 1936, 1938 and 1943.  He was awarded the IM title in 1950.


On November 17, 1907, Walter Montagu Gattie (1854-1907) died in Bournemouth, England.  He was 53.  He won the first British Amateur Chess Championship in 1886.


1907.12.19 Pirc, Vasja, Yugoslav GM, born in Idrija.  5-time Yug ch.  GM 1953.  IM 1950.  Died 1980.


On December 19, 1907, Vasja Pirc (1907-1980) was born in Idrija, Slovenia.  He was Yugoslav champion in 1935 (jointly), 1936, 1937, 1948 (jointly) and 1953 (jointly).  He was awarded the GM title in 1953.