1903 in Chess

by Bill Wall


On Jan 7, 1903, Johann Breuer was born in Cologne.  IJComp 1957; IMComp 1973

On Feb 23, 1903, Otto Roething and Rosen tied for 1st place in the New York State Chess Championship.  Roething later won after a tie-break match.

On Mar 14, 1903, Lajos Steiner, Hungarian international master, was born in Oradsa.  IM 1950.  Died 1975.

On Mar 17, 1903, Tarrasch won the 3rd International Masters' tourney and $900 at Monte Carlo, followed by Maroczy, Pillsbury, Schlechter, Teichmann, Marco, Wolf, Mieses, Marshall. 

On Mar 17, 1903,  C. Moreau scored 0 out of 26 in Monte Carlo.

On Mar 20, 1903, Vitaly Halberstadt was born in Odessa.  IJComp 1957.  Paris ch 1925.

On Mar 20, 1903, Albert Pinkus was born in New York.  H won the Manhattan CC Ch in 1941, and 1945.

On Mar 29, 1903, Dr. Dietrich G. Prinz was born.  He wrote the original chess playing program for computer in 1951.

On Apr 1, 1903, Salo Landau was born.  Died 1943.

In April 1903, the USA beats Britain in 8th cable match

On Apr 17, 1903 Gregor Piatigorsky, chess patron, was born.

On May 26, 1903,  Chigorin won the gambit tournament in Vienna, followed by Marshall, Marco, Pillsbury

In Aug 1903, A Chess Dispute was released.  It was the first film about chess.

On Aug 5, 1903, Charles Bagby was born in Charleston, SC.

On Aug 8, 1903, the  4th Western Chess Association (US Open) was held in Chicago; Judd 1st on tiebreak over Uedemann and Johnston; 18 players

On Aug 21, 1903, William Fairhurst was born in Alderley Edge, England.  Br. ch 1937.  Scottish ch 11 times. IM 1951.  Died 1982.

On Aug 25, 1903, Arpad Elo was born.  Died 1992.

On Aug 26, 1903, Ronald Bruce was born in England.

On Sep 17, 1903, George Koltanowski, honorary IGM (1988), was born in Belgium.  IM 1950.  Died on Feb 5, 2000, age 96.

On Sep 26, 1903 Chigorin won the 3rd Russian Ch, held in Kiev, followed by Bernstein.

In Dec 1903, Gyula Makovetz died.  He edited the first chess magazine in Hungary.  He was born in 1860.