1901 in Chess

By Bill Wall



In 1901, Hans Haberditz was born in Austria.  The Haberditz variation (1.e4 e6 2.d4 d5 3.Nd3 f6) is named after him.  He died in 1957.

In January 1901, Walter Penn Shipley won the 16th Franklin Chess Club championship in Philadelphia.

On Jan 1, 1901, Kazimierz Makarczyk was born.  He was Polish champion in 1948 and was awarded the International Master (IM) title in 1950.  He died in 1972.

On Jan 17, 1901, Harry N. Pillsbury married Miss Mary E. Bush of Philadelphia.  They were married in Chicago.

On Jan 20, 1901 Karl Gilg was born in Mankovice (Mankendorf), Austrian Silesia.  He was awarded the IM title in 1953.   He died in 1981.

On Jan 27, 1901, Mikhail Chigorin won the 2nd Russian National Tournament in Moscow, followed by Schiffers and Janowski.

On Feb 9, 1901, Imre Koenig, chess author, was born in Kula, Hungary.  IM 1951.

On Mar 1, 1901, David Janowski won at Monte Carlo, followed by Schlechter, Chigorin, Von Scheve, Alapin, Mieses, Blackburne, Gunsberg, Marco.

On Mar 1, 1901, M. Didier scored 1/4 out of 13 in Monte Carlo.

On Apr 20, 1901, the USA and Britain tied 5-5 in the 6th radio match; 10 players each team; Pillsbury beat Blackburne on board 1.

On Apr 28, 1901, Weaver Adams, American chess master, was born in Dedham, Massachusetts.  He died in 1963.

On May 20, 1901, Max Euwe was born in Amsterdam.  He was Dutch champion 12 times.  World ch 1935-37.  GM 1950; IA 1951.  FIDE President 1970-78.

On May 20, 1901, Johannes von Minckwitz died.  Chess author.  He threw himself under a tram.  He was 68.

On May 29, 1901, Ronald MacDonald won the 18th Scottish Championship in Glasgow.

On Jun 27, 1901, Endre (Andreas) Steiner, Hungarian master, was born.  He died 12/29/1944 in a Nazi concentration camp.

On Jul 31, 1901, Wilfried Paulsen, German chess master and elder brother of Louis Paulsen, died near Blomberg, North Rhine-Wesphalia.  He was 72.

On Aug 17, 1901 the 2nd Western Chess Association Open (2nd US Open), was held in Excelsior, Minnesota.  Nicholas Macleod took 1st place.

On Aug 17, 1901, Pillsbury won the 14th NY State chess championship held in Buffalo, followed by Delmar, Napier, and Marshall.

On Aug 21, 1901, Louis Betbeder was born in Orleans, France.  IA 1967.  The Betbeder variation is named after him.

On Oct 6, 1901, Charles Henry Stanley, 1st US chess champion (1845), died.  He was born in 1819.

In Nov, 1901, Lady Jane Carew died.  She was a chessplayer who lived in 3 centuries (1797-1901).

In Nov, 1901, it was the first time that a chessboard appeared with Cartesian coordinates in British Chess Magazine.

On Nov 3, 1901. Reggio won the 8th Italian Ch in Venice.

On Nov 24, 1901, John Owen (born 1827), English player, died.  He was a vicar.  He wrote under the pseudonym of Alter.

On Dec 12, 1901, B.P.  Reilly was born.

On Dec 18, 1901,Capablanca, age 13, beat Cuban champion Juan Corzo in a chess match in Havana