Chess in 1895

by Bill Wall


In 1895, Ajeeb returned to Coney Island. Sam Gonotsky (1902-1929) was the hidden operator.


In 1895, Lasker moved back to England, this time as world chess champion.  He first lived in London, where he was the resident master of the Divan Chess Association.  He later moved to Manchester where he wrote a chess column for the local newspaper, gave lectures at the Manchester Chess Club, and performed simuls.


In 1895, Showalter won the 5th US championship in a match against Lipschultz (7-4).


In 1895, the Franklin Club beat the Manhattan Club 7.5 to 6.5 in a telegraph match.


In Jan 1895, a women's chess club formed in London.


On March 9, 1895, the Manhattan Chess Club played the British Chess Club of London by cable. Only about 22 moves were played in each of the 10 games after 9 hours.  One game was agreed drawn. All the other games were adjudicated as drawn by the new world chess champion, Emanuel Lasker. (source: New York Times, March 10, 1895)


On March 13, 1895, William Norwood Potter died.  He was a leading English player of the 1870s.


On May 6, 1895, Martin Severin From died in Copenhagen.  He was a chess analyst. He analyzed 1.f4 e5, now known as the From Gambit.


On May 18, 1895, Fernando Saavedra (1849-1922) published an underpromotion solution of a problem to win.


In June 1895, the Swiss System pairings, invented by J. Muller, was 1st used in Zurich.


On Aug 5, 1895, the Hastings International began.


In August 1895, a women's chess tournament was won by Lady Thomas at Hastings.


On Aug 14, 1895,  Nikolay Grigoriev was born in Moscow.  He was Moscow champion in 1921, 1922, 1923-4, and 1929. 


On Sep 2, 1895, Harry Pillsbury won at Hastings (16.5 - 4.5).  Chigorin was 2nd and Lasker was 3rd.


On Sep 25, 1895, Andre Cheron was born in Colombes, France.  He won the French championship 3 times.  He was an authority on endgame studies.


On Oct 8, 1895,  Antonio Sacconiwas  born.  He was an International Master.


In December 1895, Pillsbury contracts syphilis in Russia.  It would later kill him.


On Dec 13, 1895, the  St Petersburg International started.


On Dec 16, 1895, Georges Emile Barbier died in France, aged 51.  He was a composer of chess problems.  He won the Scottish championship in 1886.