Chess in 1887

by Bill Wall



In 1887, Don Jose Brunet y Bellet published EL AJEDREZ EN EGIPTO in Barcelona.  He attributed Egypt as the origin of chess


In 1887, Max Judd defeated Albert Hodges 5-2.  Judd claimed he was US champion.


In 1887, an international correspondence tournament was held, sponsored by the French weekly Le Monde Illustre.  


In 1887, the French Chess Assn was formed.


In 1887, the first national championship for women was held in England.  It was called the Ladies Challenge Cup.


In 1887, the New Jersey State Chess Association was formed.  Mr. R. Pope was elected President.


On Feb 21, 1887, Saveilly Tartakower was born in Rostov-on-Don.  He was a leading Polish and French chess grandmaster.


On Feb 24, 1887, Boris Kostic was born in Vrsac.  He was Yugoslav champion in 1935 and 1938.


On Feb 26, 1887, Frantisek Batik was born in Chotusice, Czechoslovakia.  He was a Czech chess player.


On April 21, 1887, Frank Altschul was born in San Francisco, CA.  He was a problem book publisher.


On April 23, 1887, Karel  Hromadka was born in Gross Weikersdorf, Austria.  He won the Czech championship in 1913 and 1921.


In July 1887, Frederick Viewig, manager of the Eden Musee in New York, was arrested for having violated the Sunday law by exhibiting wax figures, permitting music to be played, and also by allowing Ajeeb, the chess automaton, to play a game of chess.  He responded, “I consider it absurd to contend that a playing a game of chess or looking at was figures was a violation of the Sunday law.”  Mr Viewig had to pay $100 for bail.


On July 28, 1887, Marcel Duchamp was born in Rouen, France.   He was a French, naturalized American painter (Cubism) and chess player.


In August 1887, a chess match was being played by Major Hanham of New York and F.K. Young of Boston.  Young was supposed to seal the adjourned move, but made his move instead.  Hanham then claimed a draw on the ground that the rules had been violated.  The arbiters decided that Young had forfeited his game because of this neglect, but would modify the penalty to a draw.  Young then withdrew from the match and resigned his membership in the Boston Chess Club.  (source: New York Times, Aug 15, 1887)


In August 1887, the second Australian Championship was won by Henry Charlick in Adelaide.


On Sep 10, 1887, Paul Johner was born in  Zurich.  He won the Swiss championship 6 times. 


On Sep 18, 1887, Barthelemy  Basterot died in Torino, Italy.  He was a chess author.


On Sep 21, 1887, the London chess league was formed (metropolitan chess club competition).


In October 1887, John Howard Todd was dismissed from the New York Chess Club for alleged ungentlemanly conduct (he had a temper and was always in quarrels with opponents).  He appealed to the New York Supreme Court saying that the club constitution allowed an expelled member the right to appeal.  The right, he claimed, was never given him and therefore his expulsion was illegal.  The club members were not worried as they said they had ample reasons for keeping out Mr. Todd.  (source: New York Times, July 31, 1888)


On Oct 10, 1887, Newell Williams Banks was born in Detroit.  He was a checkers and chess master.


On Nov 2, 1887, the Brooklyn Chess Club opened. World champion Steinitz won a simul 12-0 for the opening of the club.


In Dec 1887, Charles Locock won the second British Amateur championship.