Chess in 1842

by Bill Wall


In 1842, the first openings analyses on modern lines published.


In 1842, Saint-Amant headed a group of Paris chess players in a correspondence game against players in Budapest.  The match lasted until 1846, in which the Budpest players, under the direction of Szen, won both games.


In 1842, Charles Henry Stanley (1819-1901) emigrated from London to New York to work in the British Consulate.  He soon became secretary of the New York Chess Club.


In 1842, Leopold Hoffer was born in Budapest.  He was the editor of the Chess Monthly.


In 1842, John D. Chambers was born in Scotland.  He was a co-founder of the Scottish Chess Association.  He died in 1930.


In 1842, Deschapelles beat St Amant 3-2 in a match.


In 1842, Adolf Anderssen published a collection of chess problems called Aufgabe fur Schachspieler (Task for chess players).


On June 25, 1842, the first appearance of a chess column occurred in The Illustrated London News.


On September 7, 1842, Johannes Herman Zukertort was born in Lublin, Russian Poland.  He was the world chess championship challenger in 1886.  He died 1888.


On December 1, 1842, the Brighton Chess Cub was formed.